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Outreach Through the Sunday School

Video presentation by Daniel Edmonds, State Missionary Alabama Baptist Conventionby Larry Stehr

The strength of Small Group Sunday School is the ability to develop relationships that become the foundation for transformation Bible study, meaningful fellowship, shared ministry and mission. Caring relationships are also at the heart of outreach as well. It is no wonder that Small Group Sunday School is tasked with taking the lead in our outreach efforts.

I have had the pleasure of teaching with Daniel Edmonds back in the day when we both served as youth ministers in the state of Alabama. I have always know Daniel to have a passion for Sunday School and for reaching people for Christ. Recently, Daniel was featured in a short video entitled “Outreach Through The Sunday School”. While this video is directed at a small church Sunday School in Alabama, I believe that the five practical points are worth five minutes of our time.

So here is the deal. The first three Sunday School Leaders (FBCRR, only sorry) that post the outline of this video on my blog will receive an gift certificate for a free ice cream at Dairy Queen. Same deal goes for the first three Sunday School leaders that bring a completed copy of the outline below to me by Sunday June 16.

Here is the link to the video:


“Outreach Through the Sunday School”

1. ___________________ through prayer.— Acts 1:8

2. ___________________ through provision.

3. ___________________ discover of your mission field.—John 4

4. ___________________ style and methodology

5. ___________________ to do

Personal take away or something to try.

Summer is a great time to focus on outreach for your small group Sunday School. The pace of life switches to a different gear for summer. Take advantage of summer to plan a simple friend friendly fellowship. Make specific assignments to contact absentee members inviting them to the fellowship. I am reminded of a line from the movie Star Wars—it is important that we stay on target. Christ has laid to goal of reaching people before everyone associated with our small group Sunday School. As we head into summer, it is important that we stay on target seeking to reach people for Christ and discipleship.

In Christ, Larry

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