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Transformational Biblical Community

Image I think moving to a new community, learning new ways and seeking to integrate all of the new people, experiences and adventures into my life has put me in a creative mood.  So I made a picture.

Mind you I have no real talent, but I liked the picture anyway.  I call the picture "Transformational Biblical Community"    Maybe one of the books I am reading has influenced my art.

You see the picture is caught in the process of transforming.  Not all of the colors are revealed and not everything is clear yet, but to me things are coming into focus.  The green of the Bible book mark, the brown of the pen, and the red of the mug.  The focus is free flowing, organic in nature much like my life a times.

The three key elements of the picture my study bible, a Sunday School mug and a fountain pen are essential for what they represent.  First, the mug for friendship and fellowship.  You see I don't know if I would even be a Christian today if it were not for an invitation from a friend way back in second grade.  I was never a project or a prospect, I was someone that became a friend.  A friend that shared everything, so to leave his relationship with God out would have been out of character for a true friendship.  The power of relationship.

Second, the fountain pen.  It is from my desk at the office.  I have a couple of more of Freddie Pikes pen.  I have been discipled by some pretty awesome church educators who understood the importance of investing, modeling, giving feed back and encouraging.  J Larry, Bobby, Sutterfield, Greg and Freddie to name a few.  They remind me that transformation is about investing.  I am now the age when I first meet many of these churchmen.  Man, I better get busy.

Finally, the Bible.  It dominates the picture.   The other elements touch it an flow across it.  I love Ephesians 4:11-13. These verses lay out the goal of Sunday School.  Words like equip, unity, knowledge jump from these verses at me.

This Sunday, I hope that this picture plays out as relationships deepen and impactful truths can be shared.  I hope that new leaders are called, invested in, and encouraged.  I hope that His word is opened and folded deep into his followers.

God's Word, God focused relationships, and God leaders developing Godly leaders sound pretty creative to me.  It sound like a whole of lot of life transformation.


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