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Becoming A Better, More Effective Sunday School Teacher

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I recently read a very interesting article entitled “8 Keys To Being A Better, More Effective Sunday School Teacher” by Rodney L Pry.  He started off the article by stating the following two facts.

FACT #1: The teacher has the greatest influence over whether or not a Sunday school class – and ultimately the entire Sunday school – will grow!

FACT #2 – The number one reason that people give when they leave a Sunday school is that they didn’t like their teacher!

This got me thinking about the growth of FBCRR.  You have to have something to think about in the car when you take a 3000 mile road trip.  I agree with the first fact, Sunday School teachers are key agents in Sunday School growth, and church growth in general.  As a Sunday School leader you are a “rock star” in my books.

The second fact, maybe true as well.  However, I wonder if the reason for not liking the teacher is depth of relationship.  They “don’t like the teacher” leads me to think they don’t know the teacher and the depth of relationship is lacking and discipleship process is broken.

Mr. Pry puts forth eight keys in moving from an average Sunday School teacher to a great teacher.  Here is his outline.

Key #1—Continually strive to deepen your own personal faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. Key #2—Strive to learn more about the Bible and its application to your life and the lives of your students. Key #3—Pray more! There’s power in prayer! Do you believe that? We certainly hope so. Prayer is our communication link directly to God. Key#4 -Show greater concern and love for your students and their individual and collective spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Key #5—Devote more time, thought and energy in preparing each week’s Sunday school lesson. Key #6—Keep the Bible at the center of every lesson that you present. Key #7—Make sure every lesson that you prepare and present is interesting and relevant to the needs of your students. Key #8—Never stop learning or trying to be a better, more effective teacher.

As I count the list 5 of the 8 keys are relational in nature.  We cannot teach people about a God we do not have a relationship with and we cannot teach people, whom we do not have a relationship with, about the God we love.  The other three keys on Mr. Pry’s list have to do with a general attitude of desiring to be a better teacher.  I guess the old adage is true, “you hit what you aim at.”  If our aim is to be a better teacher, we will slowly become one.

At FBCRR we are blessed with a great staff of called, lay leaders that seek to teach the best possible lesson each Sunday.  I am sure you will want to read all of Mr. Pry’s article you can find it at—http://www.sundayschoolhelp.org/SSA032.html

I do agree with Mr. Pry’s closing statement, “Teaching Sunday school is one of the most important jobs that anyone could ever have!”  Thank you for those that are called each week to teach people how to have a relationship with Him, by using His Word.

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