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You Can Change the World, Get in the Game

Last night we had our second Adult Sunday School Leadership summer fellowship at our home.  One of the things I enjoy about these informal gatherings has been the casual conversation that take place.  You have to really enjoy a chance to sit down and just talk about Sunday School and impacting lives.

Impacting lives is about changing the world.  Nothing changes the world more than introducing someone to Christ.  Yet, the vast majority of Christ followers will never be a game changers.  We have made the Christian experience something like a concert experience where we gather with those who also love the artist enough attend the concert and talk about how great the artist is and how the concert changed our lives.

I really think we are missing something.  Maybe the Christian life is more like pickup touch football or sand lot baseball.   Yeah, I love playing pick up.  You see it always starts with some passionate players, many even own a ball.  They know instinctively that you have to invite the new kids to the game.  They might have to explain the rules and teach the game.  They play with a joy and a passion, and make no mistake they play to win.

So what is different between the concert experience and the pick up game.  It is where you sit and how much you are willing to commit.  Don't get me wrong.  I love a good concert, but I have a broken collar bone, scars and stories to share from the pick up games.

Many, if not most Christians believe Christ makes a difference.  Yet, are afraid to put the socks in their pockets or grab a 34 wood bat and take their hacks.  In Colossians Paul talks about sharing Christ with all who would listen.  I think Paul was an all in touch football kinds of guy.

When it comes to the gospel am I?  Are you?   Let me share a couple of links that might get you started on road to sharing your faith.  Campus Crusades has an excellent series of article that will get you thinking, entitled You Can Change Your World.

Second, you might want to track is ExploreGod.com  While targeted for the Austin, TX area I think you will find it thoughful and well done.

And hey, just like I love to tell people my broken collar bone story.  I love to talk about sharing Christ.  Hit me u

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