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Adult Biblical Community From (Sunday School) @ FBCRR

Jeanne and I have enjoyed having many of our Sunday School leader over for an evening for fellowship and information. Right now we are planning on making it an annual event, because we enjoyed it so much. At the summer fellowships this year I briefly touched on the four areas that will be our focus for the next couple of years—you will be hearing a lot about family ministry, outreach ministry, care ministry and small group Bible Study. Pastor Gary has done a great job in leading our staff to narrow our focus to make these four areas our primary emphasis. As we talked about these four focuses, it became clear that Adult Sunday School could and should carry the lead in our adult ministry. The reason Adult Sunday School should carry the lead is, it already has three of the four focuses at it’s core and adding the fourth only strengthens Adult Sunday School.

At my home we talked about planning for growth, placing a focus on outreach, concentrating of caring for each other and strengthen Bible Study. Finally, adding intergenerational discipleship to strengthen the impact of adults in the life our entire church family.

To do this we are going to start new Biblical Communities with a Leader, Apprentice Leader, Outreach Leader and Care Group Leader for each 6-12 adults. We hope that our exiting Sunday School classes will adopt the same organization structure as well.

We are cautioned in scripture about placing the new “wine” in the old container. So a new format for the community hour has been selected to seek to make the most of the hour and place an emphasis upon each of the four focuses.

We are going to be encouraging each Biblical Community to take 5-8 minutes for fellowship. This is a time to catch up with each other and make guests feel welcome and wanted. Fellowship will be followed by a weekly 5-10 minute focus on outreach assignments, reports and mission projects. We are moving Bible study to the middle of the hour, to make sure that a full 35 minutes are available to the leader as we seek to discover the truths of the Bible together and apply them to daily living. The final 5 to 10 minutes of the hour will be given to caring and praying for one another. That is where we will take attendance, make sure we make contact and plan our monthly home family care group meeting.

That’s right, each month our church will be setting aside two Sunday nights (with the exception of December and May) for each Care Group and their families to eat together, fellowship together, pray for each other, model the Christian Faith and have a casual place to invite a friend to meet our church family.

Certainly, you will be hearing more about Building Biblical Communities at our August Adult Sunday School Leadership meeting. It will certainly be a don’t miss meeting. We will have a manual ready for you at that meeting.

I want to thank Joyce Davis, for prompting me to get the outline or summary down on a piece of paper. If you have questions before the August meeting please stop me in the hall, send me an email or give me a call. I love to talk Sunday School and how we can reach the city of Round Rock for Christ.

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