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The Power of Multiplication

I like simple multiplication.  Which would you rather have a million dollars or a penny doubled every day?  While the quick million is very tempting, you would be short sighted if you did not take the humble penny and double it.  And if we stopped any where along the time line before day 28 the million would have been the good choice.  You see the humble doubling of the penny at day 27 would be a tiddy $671,088.64.  Yet, just three days more the doubling penny would be a cool $5,368,790.12.

I was recently asked how many Sunday School Classes would we start this next year.  My answer was five, a modest goal until you realize it is my personal goal.  Let’S do a little math, shall we?  Currently we have 32 adult Bible study classes.  Let’s say each of our classes took the challenge to produce one new adult class in the next two years.  We would be in a church with 64 units.  Currently each of our units average 25 adults enrolled, so if nothing changed we would have 1600 adult enrolled in Bible study, with a weekly attendance of 688.  Now let say we keep the same goal of each class starting one new class in 24 months.  We would have 3200 enrolled in Bible study with an average attendance of 1376.  Not a bad growth curve for our church in a city that is growing as quickly as Round Rock.

Let’s say our Biblical Community concept is embraced and increases our average weekly attendance by only 10%.   We would then see an additional increase in our weekly attendance of 320 people.  That is almost equal to our current weekly average attendance of 343.

So I guess the question is not how many classes will FBCRR start next year.  The true question is how many class will I prayerfully commit to starting next year?  To that end let me share with you an article by David Bond, entitled Multiply Your Leaders—Encourage.

David begins his blog with a great story about a dog—A man went outside to retrieve the newspaper normally left at the end of his driveway each morning. He was pleasantly surprised to see that a little dog had already picked up the newspaper and brought it right up on the front porch. The man lavished praised on the little dog and even fed him a treat. When the man opened the door the next morning, the helpful dog was back again. But this time, the dog was proudly waiting to show off the seven newspapers he had gathered from homes all over the neighborhood.

The power of encouragement is so much a part of the call to leadership.  I can think of very few leaders in the Bible that knew they were great leaders before God call them and they were encouraged to follow.

While the article is written to church leaders, I think the five principles would be valuable tools for you to use in your class.  He presents five ideas to encourage leaders.   The first four people to email or call my voice mail with David Bond’s five ideas of encouragement will receive a gift card to DQ that will cover a blizzard.

In Christ, Larry

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