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Setting Up Your Class to Function as a Biblical Community

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It is pretty easy to set your class up to function using the Biblical Community structure.  It will take some prayer, some enlistment, some math, some organization and more prayer to get your entire class involved and begin enjoying the Biblical Community concept, making the most of the care group system.  Finally, empower them to lead in their area.

Step 1 - Prayer Pray about who can join you in leading the class.  Allow God to direct you to three of four key leaders in your class that are ready for the call to do more.  Pray about meeting with them one on one to invite them to pray about join you in leading the class.  This is not a blanket enlistment, this is about calling individuals to leadership and discipling them.

Step 2 - Enlist Sit down and talk about the specific task you are asking them to pray about fulfilling.  You will want to enlist an apprentice leader, outreach leader and care group leader or leaders.  (This is where the math come in.)

If you need short two line job descriptions they are available in the Adult Biblical Community Handbook. If you don’t have one you can download one here or ask Sheri for one in the office.

Step 3 - Math You may or may not need to do some math, but you need to determine how many care groups your class will require.  We want care groups to stay in the 6 - 12 people range.  It is a good fellowship number, a good prayer circle number and about all the people a home can hold if their children come on Home Care Group Night.

So divide your class by 6 or 8.  Don’t forget to include your class members who are in service on Sunday morning.  This will give you nice small care groups, but wait we are not finished.  You need to pray again about the members of your class.  You will want to honor relationships, location (keep the drives as short as possible) and who is open to having  people over.   Personally, I prefer starting with groups of 6 and planning for a new care group when the 6 grow to reach 12ish.

I would also suggest involving your new leadership team at this point.  They will have great insight.

Step 4 - Empower to lead Empower your apprentice by letting them take the lead in teaching every 4 to 5 weeks.  Empower your outreach leader to make contact assignments and plan an outreach mission project for the class.  Empower your care group leaders to close the class in a prayer circle, care for absentees and plan the monthly home fellowship. Remember each leader will need time to accomplish their task. Give the first 10 minutes of the class hour to fellowship and outreach. The second part of the hour is the meat of why we are at church...good Bible teaching and it deservers the lion share with 35 minutes. The final 5-10 minutes of the class go to the care group leaders for prayer, care and home fellowship planning.

In Christ, Larry

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