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Christmas Is Coming and So Are Opportunities For Invitation

CardWhile that is not a surprise to anyone, it is the title of the annual Christmas Musical.  One of the challenges presented to our congregation is that of increased outreach.  And this year attractive invitation cards for the “Christmas is Coming” musical are available. You can find them today in the class notebook and Welcome Center.  Please encourage your class to use the cards to invite neighbors and friends to be our guest as we enjoy this musical presentation of the Christ story. Let me share the space today with Nadine Massingill on how she would encourage us to use these invitation cards. May your ways be known …among people everywhere. (Psalm 6:2)  by Nadine Massingill, Guest Author

Christmas is coming and I am excited about some plans for visiting all my neighbors for the first time this year.  I will either make peanut brittle or purchase a sweet treat to use as a gift.  My small gift will be in clear bags or tins and I’ll attach a pretty “Christmas is Coming” card.  When I take them to my neighbors, some might not be at home.  In that case I’ll leave the gift on the porch with my phone number and a personal note on the back of the card inviting them to come see our pageant.

Before each visit to a neighbor’s front porch, I will pray for God to make me sensitive to follow His leading and allow my words to be used according to His will. When I have conversations with neighbors (and friends,) to invite them to attend the musical, the conversation might lead to other things such as a question about where they attend church.

It is indeed a blessing for me to have this opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to our pageant because everyone who attends will experience a powerful gospel presentation.  Very often people will come to see a Christmas program at a church even if they never come to church for any other reason.

So today I am asking Sunday school leaders to encourage class members to join me in taking advantage of this once a year opportunity to reach out in our neighborhoods.  This request involves 3 things:

1. Lead your class to pray for the outreach of the choir and cast for the next five weeks.

2. Encourage your class members to set a date when they will visit neighbors and think about who else they might invite to be their guest.

3. Ask them to pick up an invitation pack at one of the welcome centers.

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