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A Journey to the Quarterly Adult Sunday School/Biblical Community Leaders Meeting

This post is as much about the steps of the journey with recording, editing, live streaming, and archiving video content at a large church and trying not to spend a lot of money.  So here is this quarters Adult Sunday School/Biblical Community Leaders meeting at First Baptist Church Round Rock.  Since Round Rock is suburb of the Austin, TX I have been working to make the meeting available through live streaming.  I hope to increase participation and provide archive to make it easier for our great staff of volunteer faculty that come from all over the area to participate in the meeting. Here are the tools that made this meeting possible and the things that I have learned.  First, my computer is a trusty HP ProBook 4530s.  This machine serves as the recording/streaming machine during the meeting.  I also us it as my office studio recording/streaming machine as well.  I use a Logitech 1080p HD webcam in this video for both video and audio.  I have a Alesis MultiMix-4 that I use in the office.  I am still learning to use this device, so I did not use it in this video.

My recording/streaming software of choice is Wirecast.  I am using version 4 and will upgrade to 5 when money become available.  While not cheap, this software is amazing and allows me to use one camera for multiple shots.  Very easy to use and save settings.  It also works with my live streaming service of choice SundayStreams.com.  I did make a set up mistake in the live streaming of the broadcast this time.  The live stream will be much improved now that I have my setting correct.  I was exceeding our upload bandwidth and the video stream broke up.  This is fix for the next remote shoot.

The finish video was edited at home on my MAC with Imovie, which is sufficient at this point for my simple finished products.  It is however time consuming to take such large files home, edit them, compile them and trans code them to flv for uploading to SundayStreams.com and Vimeo.com.  I use both of these service to upload my final version.

I must says after four failed attempts as recording/streaming and uploading the quarterly Adult Leaders Meeting this is a small victory.  However, my attention now turns to increasing my production value with better audio input and possibly adding some lighting so I can turn off some of the auto correction feature in the camera.  I will also be improving the camera positioning over time and adding someone to use the switcher feature in Wirecast.

How if you are hear for the actual meeting material, sit back and enjoy.  Just remember this hour of video is just a start and should only get better.   I would tell you the man hours involved in getting this video to the web, but I will get faster with time as well.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/79880344]

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