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Thinking about Sunday School/Biblical Community for 2014

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I recently enjoyed some vacation time over the holidays.  It gave me a much needed chance to spend time with Jeanne.  Of course we enjoyed the Christmas Musical and Christmas Eve service at First Baptist Church Round Round.  We also had a nice long visit with our kids.  I am sure you also had similar experiences.

I also had a chance to catch up on some blogs I like to read.  I will be sharing more about some of my finds over the next few weeks, but it gave me opportunity to think about Sunday School/Biblical Community for 2014.

I hope that pulling together a couple of  blog posts and a few personal thoughts will assist our great staff of volunteer leaders at FBCRR and others that read this blog.

Defining Small Groups 

by Rick Howerton

This was an interesting read.  Sure Rick defines a small group numerically.  That is easy to do.  I think the real value of this article is four "roles and activities of small groups tend to fall into four quadrants: theological, relational, restorational, and missional."

Thinking about our leadership of our Sunday School/Biblical Community in terms of impact in these four quadrants would do a lot to move our teaching and leadership from helping people gain "Biblical" knowledge to becoming transformed disciples.

Knowledge is exploding.  It is easier than ever to "find" or "discover" knowledge - just Google it.   Philippians 4:8 says, And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.  NLT  Maybe the real need is for leaders that can help people practice Philippians 4:8?  Just a thought.

How to Connect Between Bible Study Group Sessions 

by Mike Hurt 

I found this article interesting, because of three key statements Mike makes in this blog that reinforce what we are trying to do with the conceptually in building Biblical Communities within our larger fellowship at FBCRR.

"As a leader, your responsibilities don't end when the group meeting is over."  I am so thankful that our staff of volunteer Sunday School/Biblical Community leaders live this statement.  I have been blessed to sit under some great Bible teachers.  I have also been bless to labor along side some great Bible practitioners.  My knowledge always seem to grow when when I am with a "Biblical Practitioner"

"Lead your group to build close relationships with one another. This is done best by doing what you love to do together."  Time spent together is important. That is way we schedule home fellowship as part of our Biblical Communities.  Mark reminds me that relationships are what really matter.  Starting with our relationship with Christ and moving right on down.  Effective Bible study is built on trusting relationships.  Trusting relationship are built by spending time together outside of class.

"Once relationships are established, you should lead your group to serve together. As you look for ways to serve, remember to serve both in the church and in the community."  This statement reminds me just how important doing ministry and mission together is for the spiritual health of a class.  Ministry opportunities are all around.  Simple to complex.  Local to distant.   Just do it.

As we continue to focus on doing good basic Sunday School/Biblical Community in 2014, maybe these article will give you something to think about as you lead your small group to a deepening level of Christian discipleship.

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