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Action Always Beats Intention...

Have you ever read the writings of someone that makes your head hurt? You know, they say something so profoundly simple yet challenging or deep and motivational…I like to read those kind of people. In a recent blog post on tonymorganlive.com I was hit with a set of 12 statements from an interview with Jon Acuff that grew out of his book—Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, Do Work that Matters. You can read the whole list for yourself here, but there were three that got me thinking.

“They are the voices of fear and doubt, and they are governed by a simple truth: they only get loud when you do work that matters.” Sounds like a truth straight out of the Bible to me. How many people can you list that were fearful or doubtful, in the face of God’s call, to attempt something great - Abram, Moses and the list goes on. A shy guy with a crooked tooth and pop bottle glasses. Thanks Don Browning for calling me to do what mattered. Who is God prompting you to call to the work that matters?

“People don’t like working with jerks. People don’t listen to jerks. People don’t do favors for jerks. Because people don’t want jerks to win.” This is a huge reminder to me that God’s grace matters. Modeling God’s grace matters. Living a gracious Godly lifestyle matters. Why? Grace is God. Sure He is honest about my sin and He disciplines (corrects) my life because He cares, but there is always an air of grace. My brother-in-law would tell you it is easy to catch fish if you have the right bait. In our world today grace is the right bait. Now let’s fish. John 13:35

“Waiting to find your purpose tomorrow is a great way to ensure you don’t live with purpose today.” We are created, gifted, purposed and called to glorify God in all that we do. Walking on water is certainly an “in the moment” kind of experience, but it does require getting out of the boat. (Matthew 14:22-33) Who in your class needs to be called out of the boat and on to the sea, so that God can be glorified in their life.

Finally, a bonus statement—”Action always beats intention.” Our intention is to grow our Adult Sunday School during this time of transition. Now we are going to do the necessary things to train new leaders, start new classes and invite new people to join us. Let’s start with EASTER High Attendance.

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