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Your Room, Friend or Foe?

Parlor_LayoutI have been having some fun with this training feature over the past couple of weeks.  After the training session, it was great to talk to some leaders who felt empowered to clean up and clear out our the room that they use for Transformational Bible Study.  It was great to see some our leaders rearranging the room for optimal teaching of the Bible.   Attention to small details like our teaching space is so important. Remember the four things we touched on in our training focus at the quarterly leadership meeting.

Appearance, says we are ready for you.  Ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Is the room clean?
  • Is the room free of clutter?
  • Is the room straighten?
  • Is material on the boards and screens up to date?
  • Is space available to movement/late arriving seating?

Learner Ready, says something is going to happen here and you have a part to play in transformational learning.

Remember, room set up directs content presentation.

  • Theater Style - speaker/stage focused
  • Classroom Style - minimal interaction, lecture/training
  • Conference Style - smaller groups, increased attendee interaction
    • Boardroom - one table, heavy discussion and interaction
    • U-Shaped - open to audio/visual presentation
    • T-Shaped - panel presentation
    • Hollow Square - good meeting/no presentation
  • Multi-Sided Shapes - small groups within a group of 20 or more.

Guest Friendly, says something about being welcome.  Can your room help answer some of  our guests first questions?

  • Does the room appear spacious and welcoming?
  • Did someone welcome me at the door with a smile?
  • Is there a convenient seat next to a friendly looking person?
  • If everyone is "chatting/socializing" am I invited in?
  • How do I know who is the leader?

Fellowship Friendly, says our relationships matter.  Does your room setup foster time and space for life changing relationships?

  • Is there space to circulate and meet new people?
  • Is there space to linger for a conversation?
  • Is there food and does it change from time to time?
  • Is there a space for a private conversation and prayer?

So does all this attention really matter?  That is a good question.  I have been saving this blog post on "Why Bown M&M's Should Be Important to you" to share with you.  It is a fascinating story about attention to detail, the smallest most seemingly insignificant detail.  If we are concerned about the quality of Transformaitonal Bible Study for Adults at FBCRR, and I know you are, together we will continue to focus on the details that matter.

I love the authors final question, "How can you implement a brown M & M into what you are currently planning?"  Our space is a brown M&M.  It sets the stage for great things to happen in the lives of people who are impacted through discipleship.

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