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Summer Enlistment - Leading by Example

In our Sunday School/Biblical Community Leadership meetings at FBCRR, we talk often about the need to enlist and apprentice new leaders/teachers, develop a class  leadership team (apprenticing leader, outreach/missions leader and care group leaders) and starting new units to reach new people with friendship, the Gospel and discipleship.  I don't think anyone has ever argued with me that any of those basic goals are bad.

However, let me tell you a little story before I continue.  I once had the opportunity to lead a seasonal Bible study for a group of college football coaches.  It was a great experience and I loved my three seasons with the coaching staff of the SBU Bearcats.  It also gave me the opportunity to get to know players as well, and even attend practice and be on the sidelines during games.  I think the part I enjoyed the most was the head coach's wrap up at the end of practice.   Now understand that a big part of a college coaches job is to motivate young men to maximize their talents and efforts for a common goal.

At the end of one half-hearted practice,the head coach looked at this group of juniors and seniors, a couple of which had cut class, and offered to buy them a plane ticket home.  He was willing to help them clean out their locker or dorm room.  He was even willing to call their parents and explain why they were coming home.  No hard feelings, but if they were not going to use their leadership to move the team toward the goal, he wished them well.  You see they had a goal to be better than last season. Well, practice was different after that.  Everyone was clear on what the goal was and the expectations needed to reach it.   Leaders need to focus on the goal and set the example for everyone to follow.

I think you may see where I am going with this story, but let me share a blog post with you before I finish.  This post from Empowered Living, entitled "Leaders: Don't Expect God to Do What You Won't Do certainly caught my attention.   I enjoyed the post and it is worth reading, but most of all I loved this quote:

"As a leader and as a parent I am reminded that not everything is accomplished by prayer. I know, sounds unspiritual again, but I can pray until I am red in the face that my lawn gets mowed but until I get out of the house and behind a lawn mower, it’s not going to get done. "

As we make plans for the fall, which is code for "working hard during the summer", those new classes are not going to start themselves, just because we prayed about it. People are moving to Round Rock and the surrounding area everyday, but have we sought them out and made new friend.   Apprentice Teachers are called and prepared by mentoring teachers.  Leaders need to be willing to set the example of starting new classes and building new relationship that open people to transformational  Bible study.

We need to move from Sunday School/Biblical Community being less of spectator sport and more of a team striving for the goal.

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