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Some Kinda Smart

This morning (08/28/2014) after reading my Bible, I was reading reading some blog posts that had piled up in my "collector of knowledge"  Some informational, some humors,  some sickening (Ebola, War, Refugees, etc) and some thought provoking.  One of the thought provoking blog posts really got me to thinking about my leadership and something I wanted to share with leaders at FBCRR who follow this blog. I get mechanical things, I am not master mechanic, but I am not afraid to turn a wrench.  My Dad, was a master mechanic and I was fortunate to learn from him and work with him at times.  One of the crowing achievements of my youth was the complete overhaul of the 235 inline six in my Chevy truck in the shop where my Dad worked.  I would help him after school and I would get help on Saturdays.  Fair enough.   One of the final steps in the process was to adjust the values.  After becoming an hot oil soaked mess, my wise Dad ask if I needed help.  I jump out of the engine compartment and said, "If your so smart you can do it!"  The wisdom of the master was not to confront my anger and embarrassment because I could not get the directions to work or that I had insulted him.  Rather, he took a bit of small hose and listened to each valve and made small adjustments until it sounded "right" and then finished with a check using the gauge that I had used.   This was the moment that I realized there were many different kinds of "smart" and a wise leader know how to apply them.

A little exercise...

Take some time to read this short blog post by Eric Geiger entitled, "Leadership and 3 Other Types of 'Smart'".  After you have finished reading the short article ask yourself the following:

1) Do I value the other "smarts" as much as I do IQ or grades?

2) In my life, as I seek to be a leader, do I recognize the three other "smarts" in my spouse, children, co-workers and Sunday School/Biblical Community class members?

3) How do I react when someone is "smarter" than I am in a given "smart"?

4) James 1:5 - If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.  What "smart" do you need to seek God's wisdom about?

I just love the intersection of Bible and Daily Life, don't you?

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