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Learning is Fun, Right...

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In a recent blog post I talked about my "Go to Resources" in preparing to teach Bible Study.  Well, this is post is more about some of the more fun and unusual resources that I have encounter.  Hey, give one or two of them a try, learning is run.  Right?

Baptist Faith and Message

What exactly do Southern Baptist's believe?  That is a great question.  How in the world would you know what some 15 million Southern Baptist believe.  I know you don't have enough time to interview all of them, so you might want to take some time to read The Baptist Faith and Message.  It is an interesting study.  It is divided into sections.  There is a statement followed by a listing of supportive Scriptures.  Try this.  Take one section a month.  Each day of the month read the summary statement followed by a few of the Scriptures.  Then spend some time meditating on what you have read.

Here is the link The Baptist Faith and Message to get you started.  Oh you might be interested to know that we have had more than one Baptist Faith and Message.  You might want to read and compare versions sometime.

Baptist Faith and Message - 2000 Edition

Baptist Faith and Message Comparisons

Explore God - Seven Big Questions

Seven Big Questions is something I found interesting last year when the Explore God website was launched.  They have an online study of Seven Big Questions.  You might want to download the facilitator guide.  You will take some time to read a paragraph or two about each of the seven questions.  Then you will be directed to watch a couple of videos on the topic.  The videos are follow by a conclusion.

Seven questions, seven days.  Might be worth a week.  See what you think.

Learn a Language

When I go on mission trips, I always wished that I knew the language.  Well, if you are considering going on a mission trip or if you want to reach out to a neighbor who speaks a different language here is a tool that can help you learn a language for free.

Duolingo was recommend to my by my son and his wife, who are preparing to go on a summer long mission internship.  So here is your opportunity for a free daily language lesson.  Learning a language so you can make new friends, is a great way to advance the kingdom of God.

Speaking of Language

Ok, if you really want a challenge.  Why not learn New Testament Greek.  I gave Greek a try in college.  I will share that story sometime, but Daily Does of Greek is just that.  Dr. Plummer from Southern Seminary has put his basic Greek course online.

Finally, Good Thing to Learn

Learning Scripture is great fun.  Trying memorizing a verse a day.  Need a list?  Youversion.com has you covered.  They have a verse of the day.  Open your app, do your daily Bible reading and then begin memorizing the "Verse of the Day."   Sound like to much work.  That is ok, you can sign up to have the verse of the day emailed to you.  It is a preference setting.

Well, some good learning sites for a rainy day.


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