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Reminder: Small Group will help you grow

Maybe a better title for this blog post should be: Do the Hard Things.  This is a slightly expanded version of a short article that appear in our bi-weekly Adult SS/BC Infosheet that is produced for the Adult Sunday School Leadership of FBCRR. -------------------------------------------

I recently clipped an article entitled, “Five Reason a Small Group Will Help You Grow” by Chris Morton.   As the Minister of Adult I liked much of what the article had to say.

First, Morton gives a very brief history of groups within the church.  It was Christ’s model and has been our preferred growth methodology for the past two thousand years.

As we gather in small Biblical Communities (Sunday School Classes) this Sunday, why is this methodology so effective and why should we spend so much energy on growing the number of small groups?

Morton give five observations that I would share with you today.  (My thoughts)

  1. Jesus’s Way of Life Cannot be Learned Alone. (how to treat others requires others)
  2. Support Encourages Change. (change is not easy, encouragement helps me do right)
  3. Relationships Lead to Sharing. (oh yeah, it is not about me)
  4. Missions Happen in Small Groups. (Luke Skywalker needed Hans Solo to complete the mission. Oh, I get it now.)
  5. Small Groups Take Church Beyond Sunday. (it takes more than an hour a week, to know God. Who wants to hear about my quiet time as I grow in Christ—my friends.)

This week challenge your Biblical Community to pray about making it a mission to start a new small group from the current group.  This week challenge those in your class to think about and invite a friend, neighbor or work associate to enjoy your small group study.  It is a good things.


I hope you will read Chris Morton's blog post.  It is very well written, but what he is asking is very hard to do.  I will warn you right up front.  It requires connection, relationship, openness, mission and time all in the context of an environment of trust of God, oneself and others.  Morton's call is not for the next church app to friend, like, share, give or schedule.  He has asked us to do something difficult to grow, to change, to care, to share and to move church beyond the scheduled hour.

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