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It is for You

It is for You

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Summer is a great time of the year.  Longer days.  Vacation possibilities.  Planning to launch a new Sunday School/Biblical Community.  I think the days of a Minister of Education walking into a room with a list of birthday’s and dividing a class are long gone.  At least I hope in my church they are long gone.   So how should we plan to start new Sunday School/Biblical Communities?

First, a few of my favorite reasons why we should be focused on starting new adult groups.  You can read the complete “Top Ten Reasons to Start A New Sunday School Class” by clicking on the link, but allow me call attention to three.

First, “New Bible study groups create even greater focus on people that need to be reached.”  I think that one stands on its own.  See parable of the one lost sheep, if you are struggling with that one.

I resonate with “New units grow more quickly than older established units.”  If we are serious about reaching the city of Round Rock we are going to have to be passionate about starting new units (groups) for the people we are sharing Christ with and inviting to our church.

Maybe you can identify with “New units are easier for newcomers to penetrate.”  Sure we are a friendly church, but it can be difficult for someone new to town to “break into” a large, existing class.  New groups make it easier for new people to find a their place at FBCRR.

Ok, you are thinking this is sounding like a series of leadership articles.  Well, you are correct.  Should your class be thinking about starting a new unit?   Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have an apprentice teacher or more than two or three subs who would be good leaders for a new class?   New groups need leaders.  There is something in my mind about “the fields are white unto harvest, but the workers are….”  Sending out your workers to help bring in the harvest.

How many empty chairs do we normally have?  If 50-60 percent of your current class cannot sit down on any given Sunday, it might be time to start a new group.

When was the last time a “prospect” attended more than three weeks in a row and joined?  If your class is not absorbing “new members”, it could be time to start a new class that will.

So what does it take to start a new group.  I have a check list I can share with you, but it boils down to three things.  Hey, this could be a great little summer series.

Develop new leaders, launch a new unit and feed your people.  You can read more about this at www.groupsmatter.com.  So it boils down to this; existing classes are the engine to produce new leaders (teacher, outreach, care group, etc).  At some point in time you have to plan to start a new unit (sending out a small core group to begin a group to reach _________.)  Finally, you have to feed the people.  Fellowship is not enough.  They have to get into the Word.

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