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Pass the Baton or Build a Deeper Team

Pass the Baton or Build a Deeper Team

CC by Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung)

As we continue to think about starting new adults groups in the fall, I want to focus some attention on new leadership.  If we are going to enlarge our Sunday School/Biblical Community we must start with new leaders.  It is not so much about passing the baton someday, but expanding the leadership base today.

So where do those leaders come from?  I guess we can wait until God blesses our church with a host of gifted seminary trained Bible scholars.   I know a lot of people are moving to Round Rock everyday, and yes I agree with you, that is not likely going to happen at a rate that is need to keep our church growing.

So what do we do?  Pray for God to provide.  Exactly, that is a great place to start.  Let’s all commit to pray for God to raise up new leaders.  To pray faithfully about everyone in our class and our sphere of influence.  God’s Word is full of examples of His people calling for a leader and God raising one up among the people.

Whew, that was easy.  Wait that reminds me of a joke I heard in a sermon as a boy.  Seems there was a lady who prayed everyday that the liquor store that open in town would be closed and lives and families would not be ruined.  One year to the day, that night the liquor store caught fire and burned to the ground.  You guessed it the next morning the lady was arrested for setting the fire.

Certainly, a preacher story to prove a point, her prayers were accompanied by action. It is true that God will raise up leaders for the task at hand.  Look at Moses, The Judges, The Disciples, Paul, Timothy, etc… However, see if this oversimplified list helps you get a picture of what role we might play in the process of those we are praying would join the harvest.

They were called to a task greater than what they themselves could accomplish.

They were developed in someway by God through others to accomplish the task.

They were given the resources to accomplish the what they were called and developed to accomplish.

They worked to accomplish the task the were called.

OK, maybe you have prayed about a couple of people in your class that would make good leaders.  How do you call someone to become a leader.   Sounds like you need a script.  I just happen to have one for you from the www.groupsmatter.com website.

I adapted this one from the Email Template: Recruiting Group Leaders.  I would suggest that you do this face to face, and if possible over a cup of coffee with a copy of the leaders material for them to look over and pray about accepting the call to serve.

Hi _____________________, I hope you’re having a great day. It has been really excited to watch our small group grow and make an impact on the members of our class. Our small groups is the  reason I wanted to talk with you. I’ve been praying about people who would make great small group leaders and you keep coming to mind. But it’s not just that, I’ve also been hearing your name mentioned a lot when I start discussing our group ministry. From your participation, I know you really have a passion for the group and for influencing the people around you for Christ.. I would like you to pray about becoming a small group leader? I’m not asking you to commit to anything right now. I’m just asking you to spend some time praying about this and see if God may be at work. In fact, if you are willing to consider becoming a group leader, I would like to sit down and talk with you about how I can mentor your as a leader. How about this? Take a week to pray about it.  If you have questions please feel free to give me a call. Does that work for you? Thanks so much.  ______________________________

Give it a try this summer.

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