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Great Teams
"Immortals" CC by Visit Florida

The Undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins with their amazing record.  The 1976 Steelers, may be the best total team defense of all time.  The 1985 Chicago Bears, a team that certainly ranks as one of the all time greats.  Teams with stars, charismatic leaders, great role players and timely sub and backups.

The third article in my Sunday School/Biblical Community growth series focus on the team.  Yes, each new class needs a talented leader with a desire to disciple a new leader and teach the Bible with truth and integrity.  Yet, it is not enough to have called a leader, growing our Sunday School will require a team of people to attract new members, meet needs and provide ministry to and though the class.

What if each class with a regular attendance of over 20-25 people called and commissioned a team of five or six class member to go and do like wise every 18 - 24 months?  What would it do if our Sunday School were doubling every two years for the kingdom of God in the place we have been called to minister?

Let’s meet the team we should be calling from our classes to increase our ministry for the Kingdom’s work:

Leader - called to ministry through leader development and faith teaching of God’s Word.

Apprentice Leader - someone who is called to explore the call of God to be developing leadership skills and learning to teach God’s Word.

Outreach Leader - a person with a passion to involve the class in reaching people and doing ministry outside the class, by assigning prospects, gathers reports, managing the class greeters.

Care Group Leaders - a person with a passion to involve people, 6-8 class members in regular attendance, prayer and fellowship.

Class Greeters - a couple of people who God has gifted in making people feel welcome.  Good with an introduction that can greet someone new at the door and help them make connections.

This core team with a desire to reach new people for the kingdom and small group Bible Study is a dynamic and successful way of launching a new class.  I know you may not believe it but, Sunday School/Biblical Community remains our most effective way of involving people in the life of church, providing discipleship, ministry and service opportunities.   If you want to read more about building a Sunday School/Biblical Community team here is a link to additional information.

We have ask every adult Sunday School/Biblical Community director and teacher to give us the name of someone who is ready and needs to be called to minister.  Please be in prayer as we seek to commission 4-6 teams to start new classes in the fall.

As we seek to reach one of the fastest growing areas of Texas, we need to not only pray for growth and a desire to grow, but be willing to be used of God to make a place and a way to disciple the wave of people moving to our area.


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Pass the Baton or Build a Deeper Team

Pass the Baton or Build a Deeper Team