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Great Lasagna Please!

Great Lasagna Please!

Jeanne, my wife makes a great lasagna. I request it for my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and when we are planning to have guests over. Yes, I do request this dish quite often, however I do not get it that often. I don’t get it very often because it takes time.

This is no out of a box lasagna. Honestly, I don’t think there is even an official recipe for Jeanne’s lasagna. It comes together at the hands of a master cook. You’re not given this recipe; you are invited to help make it. This is a recipe that it is “passed” from one cook to another. You would have to be discipled from start to finish, so you can pass it along.

Recently, I attended a retreat for Texas Baptist Educators (April 2019). I really enjoy this retreat, I always come home with a notepad of things to ponder. This year the retreat featured Bill Hull, a prolific write on the topic of discipleship. I like being challenged to think deeply, to have my assumption challenged and to check my work and approach so to speak.

“When Jesus commanded, “Make disciples,” he wasn’t simply referring to converts. He wants followers who follow — people who submit to his teachings and his ways. But because we’ve preached a different gospel, a vast throng of people think they are Christian/saved/born again when they really aren’t! We’ve made the test for salvation doctrinal rather than behavioral, ritualizing it with walking the aisle, praying to receive Christ, or signing a doctrinal statement.”  ― Bill Hull, The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ

In my notes I have six statements from Dr. Hull that describe a follower disciple. See if you would agree? 1) Believe what Jesus Believed. 2) Live the way Jesus lived. 3) Love the way Jesus loved. 4) Train as Jesus trained. 5) Minister the way Jesus ministered. 6) Lead the way Jesus led.

The interesting thing about this list to me as I think about being and disciple and leading someone else to be a disciple that reproduces disciples it how complete the picture is. All are actions. All following the model of Christ’s life. Yet, no check list of three or four things and your in. Rather a life of action, living in process of sincere imitation of The Master. Replicating, multiplying follow imitators of Christ.

Let’s me challenge you this month and into the summer to begin to think about discipleship. Ask yourself the following questions.

1) Am I learning, loving and living Scripture the way Jesus did?
2) Am I involved in loving, leading and ministering to the people around me the way Jesus would?
3) Who I am investing in leading to be a discipler for Jesus?

I am challenged to know about Jesus and His life and beliefs through the knowledge of Scripture. Involve me in loving and leading people to know Jesus like I do. A call on me to invest in leading others in a kingdom multiplying way.

Give it some thought and let me know what you think. Matthew 28:18-20

In Christ,

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